29/04/2010, Thursday.

Semoga kita selalu menjadi sebuah kisah klasik untuk masa depan..


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Diary Day!

Yep. 14 Januari. It's Diary Day people!

Well, karena sekarang Diary Day, gue akan berbagi tulisan di jurnal gue untuk hari ini. Kalo gue liat di kamus Oxford, sebenernya diari sama jurnal itu sama aja. Tapi kalo gue males nulis diawalin kata "Dear Diary...", so I always start my daily journals with a simple "hello", dan kalo jurnal suka gue gambarin dan tempelin foto atau huruf. Gue suka aja gitu, lebih asyik. Dan, jurnal gue ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris. I hope you don't mind :)

Baiklah, gue tidak akan membuat anda-anda menunggu, jadi gue akan mulai saja.


Hello. Back to my hard-to-guess everyday life.

I don't know what progress I made today, but there's something about this day.

I wasted my money for paying the class's assignments copies. And turns out, Yubi is kind enough to return the whoooole money. Rp 10.000,00. I'm amazed :)

And for the first time in four years, I cried in front of my classmates.

It was because I can't say "No", and Pahe just haaave to give me life lessons and made me cry. Dammit.

But I guess it was worth it, though. My besties; Farah, Fafa and Sarah turns out to give extra-care for me. And Rizal, Firlii and Yubi was worried as well.

"Nadine, are you okay?", "Why are you crying?", "Tell us, please?", "Everyone is worried, you know?", and such are coming out of their mouth. I wanted to laught at that time, but my heart is just too sad, it didn't have the urge to bend my lips upside down to a smile. No.

The boys were nice. They really make me worry sometime, because of their crazy behaviors, but turns out.. they were worried about me, like I'm worried about them. Sometimes they scare me, though. Haha. But they're my besties. I couldn't help losing them, just because of different genders. They're different, they look at boys and girls as the same. I love you guuuuys :3

Aaaand, Fafa, Farah and Sarah. Girls are able to understand. More sensitive than boys. They understand me, and now I'm trying my best to understand them. Besties forever.

I guess that's what made this day special. I can see that my best friends really cared about me. And of course, I am amazed how the boys are really worried about me, and Yubi, our class president, has managed to finish his task, perfectly. Usually I'm the one who took care of all his tasks, plus my tasks, aaand helping the guys on their homeworks.

Haha. Best day of my life ~so far :)